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COVID-19 Updates

Shopping in store

April 17th, 2022

Please understand that even though the provincial guidelines has lifted the mask mandate. We choose to encourage everyone entering the premises to wear masks. Thank you for your understanding.

Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory if you wish to participate in any organized play events or casual play.

Stay Safe,


Free shipping, and new trade in policy

March 17, 2020

We are continuing our efforts to promote social distancing. We are now offering free shipping on orders over $50 on TCG singles, and free expedited for shipping over $200 for anything else. (includes TCGs)

To further our efforts with safe social distancing and reduce the interaction between staff and customer we are making changes to the way we buy your cards. Going forward we will require that collections be dropped off for appraisal, 

we will do the hard work and call or e-mail you with a total. Please expect to leave any collection larger than 10 cards with us.

Payments will be in cash, store credit, E-transfer or Paypal. 

Please place your cards in a white card box that you would like have appraised and we will process your collection within 48 hours. The reason is because COVID-19 can live on surfaces for much longer than some other virus's. (

Steps to sell us cards for store credit, Paypal, E-transfer or Cash.

1. Place all the cards you would like into card boxes (if they are in plastic, processing will take longer.)

2. Write your full name, email address and phone number clearly on the box of your collection. 

3. Wait for the appraisal. We will do the rest!

We will then e-mail you or call you with the cards categorized into price for you to check yourself. If you would like to keep any of the cards you left us, they will be ready for pickup on your next visit. Once you give us the go ahead. We will pay you in cash, Paypal, e-transfer or in store credit (+25% trade bonus).

Canadian Orders

* All singles purchased must be made online.

* All in store pick-ups remain free.

* Trading Card Singles that are eligible for free shipping are shipped with Canada Post Standard shipping. 

* All orders over $99 will be shipped expedited (this includes TCG singles.) 

* Expedited shipping does include tracking.

* Untracked shipping is at your own risk. 

United States

*Trading Card Singles that are eligible for free shipping will be shipped with USPS Standard shipping. 

*Orders over $99 dollars will be shipped with USPS First Class lettermail.