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BuyList - How It Works

Buy orders allow you to sell your cards to our store.  You can enter BuyList mode by clicking the BuyList toggle above any list of cards.

Once in BuyList mode you can add cards to a Sell Your Cards cart.  You must be signed in to an account to sell your cards.  The prices shown in this mode reflect the price you will receive for a Near Mint/Mint graded card.  Grading details can be found in the BuyList Store Policies.  Once you have added the cards you wish to sell to the store to your Sell Your Cards cart, you can submit the buy order to the store.

During checkout of your buy order you will be asked for a return address in case something needs to be returned to you, and your payment details to indicate how you would like to receive your funds.  Once submitted, a buy order has 5 steps it will go through to reach completion.

1) Requested

You have submitted your buy request to the store.  An employee will review your request including the items you have submitted, and the quantity of each item before approving or declining your order. Do not send in the buy order unless it has been approved first.

2) Awaiting Receipt

Once your order is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail instructing you on how to sort your cards and deliver them to the store (either in person, or by mail).  It is important that you sort the cards as instructed to avoid delays or deductions to your order.

3) Grading

Your order has been received by the store and is now in grading.  In this step we will evaluate the condition of your cards.  Card condition effects the value of your cards, and will be adjusted as per the store grading policy.

4) Graded

Your order has been graded, and an offer has been sent to you.  You can review the grades of your item from your buy order.  Your buy order can be seen under My Account, Sell Your Cards, and click the order number.  At this phase you can approve the offer given, or request some items be returned to you if you disagree with how they were graded.

5) Complete

Once you have approved the offer, if you selected Store Credit as your payment method your account will automatically be credited.  Other payment methods are handled manually and will be completed as per our store policies.  As with each step before, you will receive an e-mail upon payment to confirm. Payments will take up to 2 business days.

Please review all of the BuyList Store Policies to ensure you understand what can affect the value of your cards, and how to get the best offer available.

We are not responsible for products damaged or lost during shipping. Please pack your product carefully and thoroughly.