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RG 1/144 Evangelion Unit-00 DX Positron Cannon Set 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'


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-From the RG Evangelion series, which pursues realism as an android, a lineup of prototype zeros!

-The second in the pursuit of the action pose reproduction of Evangelion with RG. Movable spine and scapula, interlocking of each part armor, gimmick that armor follows when a twist is added to the arm, etc., further considers and expresses Evangelion Zero as a [real grade].

-You can assemble before and after renovation by selecting parts.

-Reproduce the color of the head by fine parts division.

-The equipment that appeared in [Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction] can also be assembled by selection.

-Strongly linked with the first RG Evangelion! Includes Operation Yashima [G-type equipment] [Positron rifle].

-7 hand parts each for left and right, 1 umbilical cable, 2 progressive knives and 1 pallet rifle are also included.


・ Positron rifle × 1

・ G type equipment for the first machine × 1

・ Parts x 1 after repair

・ Progressive knife x 2 types (normal / retracted)

・ Pallet rifle × 1

・ Hand parts (left and right) x 7 types each

・ Umbilical cable x 1

・ Realistic decal × 1

Manufacturer: Bandai
SKU: 2542668
UPC: 4573102602589


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