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Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway


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Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 40-60 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+

The Gateway set is a special standalone release that is designed to introduce the world of Lorcana to new fans or those who are trying to learn how to play. It will give Disney fans a simple and fun introduction to the familiar mechanics of trading card games while warming things up to have two people start a game. 

The Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway seems like a great way to kick off a new love for this game and help newcomers step into the world. Ravensburger has even fans a closer look at some of the cards for the set, which will be from Set 4 and previous releases. This progressive learn-to-play experience will help fans build two 30-card decks while unlocking new cards as they play to end with 60-card decks. The Disney Lorcana Gateway set will also feature a two-player game board and character standees.

Gateway is a product that introduces new players to the Disney Lorcana game play experience. It is a boxed product meant to be sold in the board game & TCG aisle, and includes 2 small decks, a game board, movers, instructions, and several special card packs.

The basic decks are designed to be very simple. Over the course of multiple Lorcana games, the players will earn special packs that contain new cards for the decks, introducing more and more game play concepts. This keeps the initial experience much easier to grasp, while ensuring that the players will learn all of the game by the time they have gotten all the packs

Manufacturer: Ravensburger
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