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D&D Onslaught Scenario Kit: The Benefactor


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Add your Beholders and more existing miniatures to Onslaught with brand-new cards and scenarios!

NOTE: this is an expansion. A core game and additional miniatures are required to play.

You have received a letter of unknown provenance, offering a hefty reward for clearing a pack of kobolds from a local dungeon. But who is this mysterious benefactor—and can they be trusted?

Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught: Scenario Kit – The Benefactor is a companion to the Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught Harpers vs. Zhentarim core game, featuring six new scenarios and cards to use existing miniatures in the new scenarios. It’s a great way for players with a large number of D&D minis to quickly expand their Onslaught collection, for new players to try out our other miniature lines, and for painters to customize their Onslaught experience.

The required monsters are a Beholder, a Bulette, an Ogre, two Bugbears, and three Kobolds.


Manufacturer: Wizkids
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