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IC-2000 Tire Glue (1 oz)


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IC-2000 is a rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate that forms superior shock resistant bonds on non-porous surfaces. The black colored CA has added flexibility for the bonding of metals, fiberglass, rubber, carbon-fiber and other advanced materials. For model use, IC-2000 is ideal for the bonding of bulkheads, formers and servo rails to the inside of fiberglass hulls and fuselages. Setup time is 20-40 seconds, which can be accelerated with INSTA-SET. When cured, IC-2000 is pliable enough to be carved with a hobby knife. IC-2000 is the best adhesive for R/C car tires. IC-2000 has found many uses in industrial applications, such as rubber to rubber bonding by Beechcraft, carbon composite bonding by Boeing, rubber door seals by Volkswagen, speaker and subwoofer assembly in the audio industry and many others that need the most durable, shock resistant fast bonding adhesive that is available.

Works Best On: Glass & Metal Fiberglass Hard Plastics Rubber Reinforcing

Works Good On: Balsa Wood Soft Wood Hard Wood Ceramics L

Manufacturer: Bob Smith Industries
UPC: 707336118002


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