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Neoprene Objectives - Sci-Fi 7.5"


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A set of 6 neoprene (mouse pad) objective markers. No more debates about how many models are in range of an objective. If they're touching the marker, they're in range.

Size Guide: Listed below are known common set sizes for popular tabletop games.

Six 3.5" - Boarding Action (40K)

Six 4” - Kill Team

Six 6” – Warcry

Seven 7” – Kings of War

Six 7.5” – Warhammer 40K

Three 12”, Two 9”, Six 6” - Conquest

Six 12” – Age of Sigmar Current GHB

Eight 12” – Age of Sigmar Prior GHB

 All Sizes:

Center point marked

Thin neoprene (mouse-pad) material

Nonslip rubber backing

Manufacturer: 3D6 Wargaming


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